Improvisation Works

I use improv to help companies and organizations build teams, heighten creativity, communicate effectively, and manage change.

What makes me different from other improv trainers is my experience working with C-suite leadership and my background in technology, business, and social science.

"The workshop was a great success! Really impactful way to exercise our empathy muscles. Don’t change a thing. Thank you for being such an important part of our leadership conference kick-off."

Dr. Cheri L. Canon
Chair of Diagnostic Radiology, University of Alabama Hospital

Workshops and Presentations

Improv For Team Building

Improvisation helps teams come together by creating a context where success is the result of having fun, being present and empathic, trusting each other, and putting the collective good of the team first.

Improv For Creativity

Improvisation techniques are especially helpful when generating imaginative solutions to technical and scientific problems. I have worked in areas such as aerospace engineering and molecular design physics to help scientists work together more effectively.

Improv For Communication Skills

Improv helps people communicate more effectively when put on the spot, e.g., networking with VIPs, giving presentations and answering questions in high-stakes meetings, and doing press.

Improv For Change Management

Principles of improvisation help us become receptive to new ideas and behavior, encourage teams to come together, and help leaders to widen options when formulating strategy and making decisions.

"The event was amazing. Thank you so much for your engagement, preparation, and execution. It was one of the highlights of our event."

Rachel Gilbreath
General Manager (Academics), GE Healthcare

Ben Taxy

Ben Taxy is a guy. A person, really. Since 2009 Ben and his team have been teaching improv to scientists, IT experts, museum professionals, lawyers, doctors, teachers, therapists, and more. Clients include General Electric, The Los Alamos National Laboratory, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, New Mexico School For The Arts, Santa Fe Public Schools, and SCORE.

Previously Ben was a speechwriter and ghostwriter working with senior executives at Fortune 500 companies, small business CEOs, and prominent national experts to publish best-selling business books, deliver keynote speeches, and get featured by national press. He also wrote for the network TV show Family Guy and graduated from Harvard University. He resides with his family in Portland, Oregon.

"Improv can seem very intimidating. Ben creates a safe space and respectful atmosphere that enables me to listen closely to others and make moves knowing that my team has my back. I’ve come to really enjoy taking risks and discovering success."

Kathleen Kelly
High Performance Computing System Administrator, Los Alamos National Laboratory


"Ben’s improv methodology is a wonderful way to learn improv. Furthermore, the lessons are based on such solid fundamentals that go beyond improv & comedy and into improving overall ability with creative thinking."

Patrick Webb
Mainframe IT Specialist, Cray

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